Welcome to “Past As Prologue”!

I am excited to be able to share my love for non-fiction books here on my new site, Past as Prologue. I have always loved non-fiction and history books, and I decided to create this site when I realized that the majority of my favorite books were actually non-fiction rather than fiction. Nothing is more amazing to me than closing a book that was phonemenally written, inspirational, educational, and even more incredible, actually happened.  People who don’t think real life is dramatic aren’t paying attention!

On the outside of the National Archives building in Washington DC, there is an inscription reading “What is Past is Prologue”. Everything that happens before influences what is to come, which is why history is so enthralling. We can either learn from what has happened before, or continue to make the same mistakes. History is made EVERY DAY, so writers will never run out of new subject matter!!!

History doesn’t have to be as boring as a middle school social studies class. My hope is to bring really great writing and history together by reviewing wonderful non-fiction books you might consider reading. I welcome your suggestions for great non-fiction books that are out there. Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to “Past As Prologue”!

  1. Hello, Prologue,
    You might be interested in my memoir, the story of the largest cross-country walk in American history. In 1986, five hundred people set out from Los Angeles and formed a community that crossed the United States all the way to Washington, DC. The Great Peace March gathered at the height of the nuclear arms race to bring a message to our leaders to bring an end to the escalation of our nuclear weapons program. Within this larger context, I tell my personal story of meeting the challenges of an eight-and-a-half month, cross-country walk. In addition, I include the original folk songs I wrote while crossing the continent. This is an amazing story, a rare opportunity to read history as told by an individual who lived the story. To allow universal free access, I offer the memoir online: http://astrangeplacecalledhome.blogspot.com
    Many thanks for your blog, and for your interest in non-fiction. All the best, and happy reading!

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