Nonfiction Challenge 2011

So I’m making my first foray into the Reading Challenge Pool with this one. Since I got Prologue started, it’s been harder than I thought it would be to track down really good blogs about nonfiction books, so my hope in starting this challenge is twofold: to connect with others out there who love nonfiction and find great nonfiction blogs, and to challenge people who don’t necessarily read nonfiction to read more of it!

Ok, so here’s the deal. Obviously, nonfiction books. Only. And we’re not talking self-help books or recipe books. Or college textbooks (I hate to think I even had to throw that caveat in there, but there it is). The challenge begins today, 1/1/11, and ends at midnight on 12/31/11.  Like most challenges there are different levels you can subscribe to. Here they are:

The Nonfiction Amateur: 1-3 nonfiction books.

The Nonfiction Buff: 4-6 nonfiction books

The Nonfiction Expert: 7+ nonfiction books.

Please review the books you’ve read on your site and shoot me the link so I can post them up for anyone to see. Your review might inspire someone to check out a book you love! At the end of the year, whoever reads the most books will get a 25$ Barnes and Noble giftcard!

Spread the word and start reading nonfiction!


10 thoughts on “Nonfiction Challenge 2011

  1. I read 25 NF books in 2010 so I feel almost bad joining…I’ll read them anyway, you know? But I’d really love to talk about NF books with other people, and share the good stuff etc. so count me in! I’m looking forward to getting some good recommendations! (I’ve been wanting to learn more about Victoria & Albert–looking forward to seeing what you think about your current read.)

  2. Thanks for joining! I’m excited to meet someone else who loves nonfiction. I cannot wait to review “We Two”….it is absolutely phenomenal thus far. I will check out your site to see what you’ve read and maybe add some more great stuff to my TBR list. 🙂

  3. I love reading all sorts of books, including non-fiction (biographies, science, personal experience, etc.) I definitely won’t be able to exceed Melody, but I’d love to join to help keep me on track for my 2011 reading goals. I’m going to aim for the Expert level because I currently have 10 non-fiction books on my to-read list for 2011.

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  5. I would definitely like to join this challenge! I love non-fiction books. I’ll aim for expert level since I read that amount last year, and have already read 2 this year!

  6. I’m in! Although this one be much of a challenge for me since I only read non-fiction! I’m trying to pick up a few fiction books this year.

    So actually, it might not be fair for me to participate in this challenge :-/ Nonetheless, I’m planning to demolish the nonfiction expert level!


    • That is just great, Shannon! I’ll have to visit your site and see what you’ve read. I sure hope you read “The Emperor of All Maladies”. It’s so interesting and profound.

      I don’t think I’ll be hosting the challenge next year. But thanks for asking! 🙂

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