Book Blogger Hop

Welcome from the Blogger Hop from Crazy-For-Books! Here at Past as Prologue, we’re crazy about non-fiction! Your suggestions for great nonfiction books are always welcome. We’ve reviewed two new books since the last Hop, and both were excellent!

This week’s question from the Hop asks which books we can’t wait to see published this year. Honestly, I have no idea what’s about to be released. The way I operate is 1)showing up at the bookstore, 2)going “cool!” when I see a new release that I like, and then 3) buying it. 🙂 It doesn’t get less methodical than that!!!

Thanks again for stopping by. I found a lot of really great nonfiction reviews from the last Hop and can’t wait to look through this week’s blogs!


7 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop

  1. For the most part, I’m clueless about upcoming releases too. Although as I read more blogs I’m starting to see more hype. Still, I’m so far behind on books I want to read, books I alreadyy have, I tend to wait for new books to come out first before adding them to my TBR list.

    • I agree with you. I sort of like to see what other people think of newer books before I take the plunge. I have so many books here waiting to be read already, I feel guilty buying more sometime!

  2. I saw that question and was perplexed by it. I agree with you about new releases! I don’t even know how to find out about new releases!

    I buy books cheap and new ones don’t usually fall into that category. When I go to the bookstore, I’ve restricted myself to clearance 🙂

    As an aside – I just finished up my 4th non fiction book of the year! Loving this challenge!!


    • As often as I can, I also buy my books secondhand, or get them from the library if I can. I have to be pretty motivated to go to B&N or Borders to pay those prices. I guess if I were to be excited about anyone putting out a new book in the future, it would be Susanna Clarke of “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” fame. I loved every word of that book, but unfortuately it took her 10 years to write it, so I don’t expect anything new anytime soon!

    • Arthur Golden, the author of “Memoirs of a Geisha” interviewed Mineko Iwasaki (the subject of “Geisha, A Life”) and she was apparently a big inspiration for the book. Her interview was supposed to be confidential since it is a big no-no for geishas to talk about their life and training, but he put her name in the acknowledgements and got sued by her as a result. “Geisha, A Life” was Iwasaki’s chance to set the record straight, as Golden’s book apparently took a lot of liberties with the true geisha lifestyle. It is very good so far.

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