Nonfiction on the Web

Sophisticated Dorkiness has a great review of the new Cleopatra biography by Stacy Schiff. Interestingly, she notes after reading the book that there’s so much we DON’T know about Cleopatra, and that most of what we think we know about her, thanks to the myths of Cleopatra that abound in pop culture, is probably fiction. Definitely worth checking out.

Shannon at Reading Has Purpose has a really interesting review of Life Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter by Sidney Poitier. The first African American to win the Best Actor Oscar writes about life, love, people he admires, and the importance of passing on our own life stories to our succeeding generations. Sounds like a winner to me! My daughter loves to hear stories about my childhood and how we survived before cell phones and the internet.

Chrissy at Chrissy’s World of Books has a chilling review of Buried Alive by Roy Hallums, the true story of an American contractor kidnapped and held hostage by Iraqi insurgents for nearly a year before his dramatic rescue by American forces. The experiences and conditions he endured while imprisoned sound unbelievably horrible, and it is a testament to Hallums’ faith that he is able to survive such a terrible experience. For anyone wanting to get a big perspective check on life and how good we have it here in the US, this sounds like a good read for you.

Keep those nonfiction reviews coming! 🙂 Until next Saturday…


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