Nonfiction on the Web

Now that I’ve completely lost my appetite thanks to Fast Food Nation, I’m scanning the web looking for other tasty nonfiction reads!

Anne at My Head is Full of Books did a great review last year of The Good, The Bad, and the Barbie: A Doll’s History and Impact on Us, by Tanya Lee Stone. Can’t wait to read this one. I’ve been collecting vintage Barbie and vintage Barbie clothes for nearly 12 years, so the allure of Barbie and the huge impact she’s had on kids and on pop culture in general is not lost on me.

After the lucky discovery of another blog dedicated to non-fiction, Citizen Reader, I’m posting another cool review for those of us who would love to get on a plane and get the hell away from all the snow up here in the Great White North. Winter is killing me. CR reviews Alain de Botton’s book A Week at the Airport. Having spent probably 6 months of my life in airports, thanks to moving all over the country, it would be cool to read a book about a guy who hung out for a week at London’s Heathrow airport to shed some light on the airport culture. Maybe he’ll figure out why airport Sbarros think it’s okay to charge $7.99 for a slice of pizza, or why it takes the luggage so damn long to get from the plane down to the baggage carousel. 

Today is just my day! I made another great nonfiction blog discovery with True Adventure Books, where they review action and adventure nonfiction. I found a great review of Diving into Darkness by Philip Finch, which can sort of be read as the reverse of climing Everest, since the people in this book are extreme divers and dive down as deep as 900 feet. I was certified as a scuba diver about 15 years ago and loved it, although I don’t know that I would ever take the chances these guys do.

See ya next week! And keep reading nonfiction!


2 thoughts on “Nonfiction on the Web

  1. Thanks for highlighting my blog and my review of the Barbie book on your blog. I was really disappointed when so few of my blogging friends made comments on my Barbie posting because I had so much fun writing it, reading the book, and reliving Barbie memories. It did cause me to have a wonderful discussion with my older sister about our Barbies and our memories of playing with them as children. I hope you enjoy the book, too.

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