Books I Started But Didn’t Finish Challenge

Here at Prologue we get busy, especially around soccer season (roughly Jan-Oct every year). We’ve bought a lot of books. I mean, a LOT of books. The ones that were captivating, amazing, and all around awesome were lucky enough to get reviews here on our blog. There have been many books though that didn’t make the cut, either because the subject matter at the time wasn’t absorbing enough to keep my very short attention span alive, or because I happened to find something  more interesting and set it aside.

Well, some of those books are about to get a second chance in 2012. Jillian over at A Room Of One’s Own came up with the epic idea for the Books I Started But Didn’t Finish Challenge. What we have to do for this challenge is list the books we want to get through in 2012 and then the prize we plan to award ourselves for finishing them. I’m not going to overwhelm myself by listing the entire contents of the severely overcrowded shelves of unfinished books I have, but I’m going to go with five. Here they are, in no certain order:

In The Garden of Beasts, Erik Larson

The Greater Journey, David McCullough

A Walk In the Woods, Bill Bryson

Reading Jackie, William Kuhn

The Secret of Chanel No 5, Tilar Mazzeo

I’m so excited about this challenge! Hopefully it will be motivational for me to make time to finish these books up (especially since three are on my Nook and can’t be returned!). I will buy myself a great new nonfiction book and cup of coffee when I finish them. That sounds nice.

Check this challenge out if you need a push to tie up some of your loose literary ends next year!


3 thoughts on “Books I Started But Didn’t Finish Challenge

  1. Hello, Pam! I’m so glad you’re joining this challenge but thought I should pop in to let you know it’s actually my challenge: you can join here. 😉

    The post you link to Allie’s blog was her sign up post. LOL. 😉

    Anyway! Yay and welcome!

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