Non-Fiction Non Memoir Reading Challenge

Woot! Julie over at My Book Retreat is hosting the NonFiction Non Memoir Reading Challenge, and I’m definitely in! The challenge is to read up to 25 nonfiction books that aren’t memoirs between now and Dec 31, 2012. There are four levels you can sign up for on her site (link is here). I will be going for the Master’s Degree!!

Elementary – 5 nonfiction books
Diploma – 10 nonfiction books
Bachelor’s Degree – 15 nonfiction books
Master’s Degree –  25 nonfiction books

Books allowed can be in any format and on any topic except memoirs or books you wouldn’t normally read cover to cover (ie: cookbooks, self-help books, autobiographies). Check it out!


5 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Non Memoir Reading Challenge

  1. Hi there! Saw your comment on my blog and came over here to see what you are reading. I think we have a lot of the same interests! I’m going to look around for some new ideas 🙂

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