Wrapping Up True Crime Month….Kicking off Food Month

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed True Crime Month. Out of five books I read, two were outstanding (Devil in the White City and Killer Colt), two were better than okay (Confessions of a Jewel Thief and The Poisoner’s Handbook), and one sucked (Sex on the Moon). That’s a pretty great month of reading, if you ask me! If anything, I realized that criminals do some pretty dumb things, and they almost always get caught.

I’ve read some other great True Crime books on the blog before True Crime Month, and wanted to give those a shout-out in case any readers out there want to pick up some great reads. Check them out on the sidebar.

Okay! We’re moving right along to my other favorite subject (besides reading)…FOOD!!! I have some great food reads lined up for February.

Julie and Julia, Julie Powell

Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain

Bones, Blood and Butter, Gabrielle Hamilton

Heat, Bill Buford

The Making of a Chef, Michael Ruhlman


3 thoughts on “Wrapping Up True Crime Month….Kicking off Food Month

  1. Ok, now I *know* we have the same taste in books! LOL I’ve read four of the five books on your February list and liked them all (some more than others of course). While I haven’t read The MAKING of a Chef by Rhulman, I’ve got his book The SOUL of a Chef on my bookshelf right now. No kidding. Happy reading!

    • Excellent! At least I know I’ve got some good ones coming up. Am enjoying “Heat” immensely so far. I definitely did not have a true picture of Mario Batali before reading this book!

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