Update on Sports Month

Ok. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t stayed on track for Sports Month. Go ahead, say it….SLACKER!!!!

1) Part of the reason is that we are reading The Hunger Games for our monthly book club meeting next week. Suffice it to say if you’ve ever read The Hunger Games, you know it’s like a potato chip….you can’t have (or in this case, read) just one. So I plowed through Catching Fire, which I actually liked more than The Hunger Games, and I’m halfway through Mockingjay, which I don’t like as much as the other two. Especially since a lot of good characters die in it.

2) As part of my commitment to not be a giant lump of lard on my upcoming 4oth birthday, I joined a gym about a month ago and I must say I love going. Between that and not eating fast food every day, I’ve already lost four pounds! Only two million to go!

3) So our Toshiba laptop is a certified hunk of CRAP. It keeps doing this weird white screen blinky thing when I try to boot it up and it is making me absolutely apeshit. So I am stuck hunting and pecking on my husband’s iPad. Seriously, don’t be jealous. I would do anything to have my Toshiba POS up and running. The keypad on the iPad sucks (first world problem, I know!)

4) Enough with the litany of excuses, already. Believe it or not, I have actually read some or part of the books I set for myself for Sports Month. I’ll give brief synopses here:

Friday Night Lights: I really, really enjoyed this book. I actually finished it about two weeks ago, but if you’ve read it, you know how complex this book is, and how only part of the story involves football. It is also about a very downtrodden town in West Texas that went through some major economic and sociological changes back in the 1980’s, to the point where high school football was the only certainty in their lives. And this town has one of the best high school football teams around. Devoid of everything in terms of excitement, the life of the town revolved around the high school football season, and every year the expectation of a state football championship was placed on the backs of this team of teenage boys, who were treated like gods by their classmates and the townspeople….as long as they’re winning. They leave high school only to find out that they’re regular people out in the real world. Some kids would never recover from those glory days.

The Majors: Borrrring….just like actual golf.  And I love John Feinstein. Sadly I probably won’t finish this one.

Ball Four: An interesting day by day journal of a major league pitcher’s season. It gets a little long winded. I mean, something amazing can’t happen every day, right? Plus the book is huge….it’s about 600 something pages. I’ll probably continue to read it, but it’s huge to haul around and I have to read it in bits and pieces.

Among the Thugs…I am currently reading this now. It’s about crazy British soccer fans and what makes them start riots and beat people up and destroy property. Can’t just be because of soccer, right? It’s morbidly fascinating, and like Friday Night Lights, is more a sociological study than a sports book. I loved Bill Buford’s second book, Heat, and the writing style I so loved in Heat was definitely present in his first book as well. I will probably finish this in the next couple of days.


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